I treat a variety of childhood, adolescent, and adult issues (below are some examples) with special emphasis on intensive, individual, psychodynamic psychotherapy.  It is my strong belief that the psychotherapeutic relationship with the patient is the catalyst for the personal growth and healing of the patient.

Adjustment Disorders BiPolar Oppositional Defiant Disorder
ADHD Depression Parent/Child Issues
Adoption Challenges Divorce (as it Affects Children) School Problems
Anxiety Gender Identity Disorder Selective Mutism
Attachment Disorders Grief/Loss Separation Anxiety
Behavior Problems Men’s Issues Sleep Disturbance
  • My general treatment goal is to help patients uncover the emotional problems which impede their progress and that  medications and crisis intervention can not correct or correct alone.
  • Many patients I see have tried other therapists who have diagnosed their problems incorrectly or been insensitive to their needs. Some therapists are not trained to work with children.
  • A biopsychosocial approach to evaluation and treatment is used.
  • I work with many insurance plans.
  • If requested I  also help my patients do budget planning to cover the cost of mental health treatment.