First Session

What to expect in the first session

After telephone contact is made, a first appointment is set at my office to begin the evaluation process.

This initial session begins the evaluation process to understand the problem, gather history and related information, and help the patient and parents feel comfortable with me, my office and the process of therapy.

I also provide information including the fee to help in the family decision making process in order to select the appropriate therapy. I will try to answer all your questions in the time permitted.

If the patient is an adult we begin the evaluation on the first visit.

When I am treating children I generally meet with parents first to get background information on the child and the family. For the first session please make babysitting arrangements so that the focus can be on meeting each other and exchanging information vital to evaluation and treatment.

With adolescents we decide prior to the first meeting whether I meet with the patient first or the parents. Whenever possible the patient is involved in this decision making process.

This first evaluation session may be extended to additional sessions so that as complete an understanding as possible is achieved before therapy begins.